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Interactive PDFs.
Engage with sight, sound, and video.

Everybody has Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is free, and almost everyone has it already installed - so there's no new software for people to download, install, or learn to use before they can fully engage with your creative.

Make your documents work harder.

We can help you build documents that do so much more than present words alone. They can drive people back to your website, invite readers to connect, and more!

Document Intelligence

When we create an Interactive PDF, we'll tag buttons and links that bring people back to your site so you'll know what kind of activity your creative drove. No matter how far and wide your documents get shared, hyperlink tracking will always provide insight into how many people are coming back to visit you on the web.


Download a free sample of a newsletter built for Cox Communications in New England that leverages PDF's video and interactive capabilities - and start seeing your communication documents in a whole new way.


What you get:

  • Complete design of your Interactive PDF publication.
  • Installation of tracking codes for all web links.
  • Incorporation of your document in your online marketing program.

Why you’ll love it:

  • Your PDF documents will help bring your communications to life!
  • Rich media PDF documents encourage people to share - spreading your company's message beyond the reach of your marketing alone.
  • We will be able to track your site visitors who click links from your PDF publications and come back to your site.
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