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Bill Quell - Saturday, November 24, 2012

So now a follow-up to "Qualifeyeballs".

A close partner to Qualifeyeballs is the necessity of driving "Valueyeballs" to a web site...not just volumes of visits or visitors, but visits and visitors that have some value to your site and your objective.

For many years, I worked with a group of people - at a very large company, in fact - who spent far too much of their time and energy drooling over the massive numbers of visits and page views their site was receiving. The unfortunate part of that equation was that the company was not in the portal business. In fact, they sold a very narrow slice of services online while driving the vast bulk of these celebrated visits and page views in an area of the site that drive painfully little traffic into their ecommerce engine.

 Comically, after launching a completely new site design and navigation experience, they spent the year following that relaunch comparing year-over-year metrics - when, in fact, the user experience was completely and wholly unrelated. Indeed: people spent a lot more time on the site and looked at a lot more pages. Was that good or bad? Who's to say...except for the fact that ecommerce orders and conversion rates dropped precipitously after the switch.

So were those visits and page views inherently valuable? I think not.

Eyeballs are only valuable to the extent they drive toward your goal.

 With that definition in sight, it should help when laying out your marketing plan and when evaluating your site's analytics.

Don't just look at volume. Look at Value. Drive "Valueyeballs".

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