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Bill Quell - Tuesday, November 06, 2012
This morning, standing at the Southwest terminal at TF Green airport in Providence, Rhode Island, I am coining the term (to my knowledge, anyway), "Qualifeyeballs".

If you're reading this, then you probably know what "Qualifeyeballs" are, so we are already on the same page.

Why am I standing at the Southwest gate? I am once again headed to California to meet with ClickAwayCreative clients. Some meetings I look forward to as our agendas are to continue to build momentum we are establishing online. Another meeting or two might be more challenging as my clients are still looking at their new web properties and activities as "expenses" rather than investments.

A large part of that falls on my shoulders to clearly communicate the breadth, depth and VALUE of what we are doing.

So while pondering this challenge, it occurs to me that one of the questions my new clients will undoubtedly have is around the investment we are making in paid search, as it currently accounts for 80-85% of their new site traffic. And by new, I mean 2 months...that's new.

And what will I tell them, when they want to know the value of site visitors we are paying for who don't immediately convert? I will tell them that these are not just random site visitors who hold no value. These visitors have searched related terms, have clicked out of interest in what we are offering, and have come to visit.

That makes them not just eyeballs, but Qualified Eyeballs.

That makes them "Qualifeyeballs"!

There is inherent value in seeking Qualifeyeballs as they are people who are interested. If our site presents us well and provides a valuable experience, they'll be back. We have achieved some awareness that may be acted on or shared with a friend or family. We have made a connection.

Any time we make a connection, any time we are seen by Qualifeyeballs - there is value in that connection. That's not just a visit or a page view.

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