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Kiva Loan Repayment Update

Bill Quell - Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I am happy to report that one of the gentlemen I have sent a few bucks to has now repaid almost his entire Kiva loan:


Kenya  |  Agriculture
You Loaned: $25.00
Newly Repaid: $1.91
Total Repaid So Far: $24.83 (99.32% of your loan)
Repayment Status: Paying back on time
What makes me happy about this? Not that I am getting my money back. I couldn't care less about that, quite frankly. No...what makes me happy about the fact that this loan is almost completely paid in full is that it means Patterson is succeeding. He's reaching his goals - and that means he'll continue to thrive in his life and to provide for himself and his family.

I am once again stricken with how delightful it is to share such a painless $25 that can make such a difference in someone's life.

Once again, I thank Kiva for their wonderful work - and I ask you to join the Kiva Team and make a contribution today!

Great News for Law Firms in Communication Disarray!

Bill Quell - Sunday, April 07, 2013

Our newest partner, LexFusion software, is now live on the World Wide Web with their new Adobe Business Catalyst powered site,

LexFusion makes a pretty slick plugin for Outlook that instantly enables law firms to organize their communications by both client and matter. As a customer works with the plugin, they are prompted with simple messages that facilitate easy archiving and common nomenclature throughout a firm - so everyone is on the same page.

They smartly offer both easy-to-follow video demonstrations as well as a 30-Day FREE Trial of their software - both of which you can get to from their site.

Welcome to the Internet, LexFusion. We are grateful for the opportunity to help you get under way on your journey toward cleaning up law office communication throughout the country - and heck, maybe the whole world!

Let's Commit to Our Google Analytics Goals Like This Week's Top 10 Slam Dunks in the NBA

Bill Quell - Monday, March 18, 2013

What? Slam dunks?!

Why would we feature slam dunks here? Because a slam dunk is an undeniable demonstration of strength and ability, for sure...but it's also an undebatable demonstration of something pivotal to thriving in business: commitment to your goal.

Once we choose a goal, and once we set that Goal in our Google Analytics packages, let's attack it with the same abandon these guys showed in each and every one of these highlights from the NBA this week.

Be Open to Surprise

Bill Quell - Sunday, March 10, 2013

It's so easy to get wrapped up in what we are doing every day and to forget about seeking out something new...the demand on our time and attention can be overwhelming, commanding all our time and energy.

But when we are able to strike a balance between paying attention to the details of our success while being open to the possibility of surprise, we are able to see when something comes along that might change the way we do things for the better.

It's easy to feel like these folks: we're sitting on our surfboard, bobbing on the placid water in our kayak, enjoying the pace we have set for our day.

Let's let this surprising video invite us to pay attention to the things that are happening around us today while we go about our Task List. Maybe we'll discover something amazing!

Earthlings: Create!

Bill Quell - Friday, March 08, 2013

Dealing with the ever-changing intricacies of the Internet every day, it is always fascinating to take a step back and see facts and figures about what the world is doing online every day.

Great Catch!

Bill Quell - Tuesday, March 05, 2013

What does this great catch by NC State's outfielder have to do with anything we are working on?

Absolutely nothing!

But, WOW! What a catch!

Stop Dreaming of the Best Night's Sleep and Get It!

Bill Quell - Tuesday, March 05, 2013

After a couple of months of hard work with our dynamite client in San Jose, California, we are very happy to announce the successful launch of the brand new Hastens of Northern California web site, built and hosted on the Adobe Business Catalyst platform for maximum efficiency, reliability, flexibility and power.

Hastens is the world's premier maker of premium mattresses, and it has been a delight to get to know more about their products during the development of the site.

Pop on over to and take a spin through the Brown family's story and learn all about the quality, durability and lifelong value of the Hastens bed. Then stop in and see Bonnie or Barrie, and tell them Bill says "Hi!"

2012 in Review Through the Eyes of Google

Bill Quell - Friday, December 28, 2012

Linear Creativity - Create Towards a Goal.

Bill Quell - Saturday, December 08, 2012
Over the course of my career, I have developed a process I call "Linear Creativity" - the practice of developing creative based on a linear process.

Rather than creating for the sake of creating, I believe it is our job as creative professionals to create toward a goal: that is, develop messaging that moves a reader or user toward a business goal.

A great example of this Linear Creativity is a project I am currently working on:

I am partnering with a group of auto dealers spread across northern and southern California who have historically marketed in what I would say a "traditional" auto dealer M.O.: here are our cars, here are our deals.

Over the course of the past couple years, they have recognized the reality that the dealers who are differentiating themselves in their markets are expanding outside this traditional marketing.

So, with goals of unifying their messaging, developing a differentiation proposition, driving sales and building customer relationships I am embarking on the Linear Creative journey:

1. Identify the goal
2. Gather facts (all the ingredients we can cook with)
3. Identify ingredients that speak to our Target Market (Persona)
4. Start cooking.
5. Check the chow as it is it tasting? Is it headed the right direction? Does this resonate with our target audience?
6. Continue sprinkling ingredients based on the feedback we are getting from our target audience.

One thing to keep in mind is that I believe in paying the proper attention to the Eyeball Test: if you are developing and it doesn't look right - or it DOES look right - to you, then that's a great place to start. If it's wrong, you'll know it. If it's really right, you'll know it...and from there you can move forward with user testing and feedback.

So create away! But create towards a goal.


Bill Quell - Saturday, November 24, 2012

So now a follow-up to "Qualifeyeballs".

A close partner to Qualifeyeballs is the necessity of driving "Valueyeballs" to a web site...not just volumes of visits or visitors, but visits and visitors that have some value to your site and your objective.

For many years, I worked with a group of people - at a very large company, in fact - who spent far too much of their time and energy drooling over the massive numbers of visits and page views their site was receiving. The unfortunate part of that equation was that the company was not in the portal business. In fact, they sold a very narrow slice of services online while driving the vast bulk of these celebrated visits and page views in an area of the site that drive painfully little traffic into their ecommerce engine.

 Comically, after launching a completely new site design and navigation experience, they spent the year following that relaunch comparing year-over-year metrics - when, in fact, the user experience was completely and wholly unrelated. Indeed: people spent a lot more time on the site and looked at a lot more pages. Was that good or bad? Who's to say...except for the fact that ecommerce orders and conversion rates dropped precipitously after the switch.

So were those visits and page views inherently valuable? I think not.

Eyeballs are only valuable to the extent they drive toward your goal.

 With that definition in sight, it should help when laying out your marketing plan and when evaluating your site's analytics.

Don't just look at volume. Look at Value. Drive "Valueyeballs".