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Linear Creativity - Create Towards a Goal.

Bill Quell - Saturday, December 08, 2012
Over the course of my career, I have developed a process I call "Linear Creativity" - the practice of developing creative based on a linear process.

Rather than creating for the sake of creating, I believe it is our job as creative professionals to create toward a goal: that is, develop messaging that moves a reader or user toward a business goal.

A great example of this Linear Creativity is a project I am currently working on:

I am partnering with a group of auto dealers spread across northern and southern California who have historically marketed in what I would say a "traditional" auto dealer M.O.: here are our cars, here are our deals.

Over the course of the past couple years, they have recognized the reality that the dealers who are differentiating themselves in their markets are expanding outside this traditional marketing.

So, with goals of unifying their messaging, developing a differentiation proposition, driving sales and building customer relationships I am embarking on the Linear Creative journey:

1. Identify the goal
2. Gather facts (all the ingredients we can cook with)
3. Identify ingredients that speak to our Target Market (Persona)
4. Start cooking.
5. Check the chow as it is it tasting? Is it headed the right direction? Does this resonate with our target audience?
6. Continue sprinkling ingredients based on the feedback we are getting from our target audience.

One thing to keep in mind is that I believe in paying the proper attention to the Eyeball Test: if you are developing and it doesn't look right - or it DOES look right - to you, then that's a great place to start. If it's wrong, you'll know it. If it's really right, you'll know it...and from there you can move forward with user testing and feedback.

So create away! But create towards a goal.

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