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Invite Delight

Bill Quell - Friday, May 10, 2013

Invite Delight
(Download a PDF and print it for yourself!)

This morning, as I woke up exceptionally early and started to work, I had a thought about how to set expectations for the day ahead.

Usually, I begin my day by reviewing my task list, then lining things up in order of a fluid scale of importance that changes by deadline, resource, effort and resource. Sometimes a quick project will take front-and-center as it can be checked off quickly and easily. Other times I have an abundance of energy and choose to tackle a complex project. Other times a project requires coordination, which invites me to tap into less comfortable tasks like making phone calls.

Anyway, as this morning began to unfold, I had the thought that, rather than approach my day as a blank canvas, I would raise the level of my expectations by choosing my perspective.

Today, I will "invite delight" - and see where that intent leads.

So far, I have been unusually productive. I have enjoyed relaxed, pleasant conversations with a number of clients. I have been surprised by the ease with which I have accomplished a number of items on today's list.

So tomorrow's plan? After today, I will be setting the same expectation for how I approach the day. I will "invite delight", and see what blossoms!

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