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Fired. And We Deserved It.

Bill Quell - Saturday, June 15, 2013

ClickAwayCreative just got fired by a client this afternoon.

We deserved to get fired, too.

One of the foundations of what we do - what I believe - is that business is people. The value that I drive with business is in communicating clearly, voluminously and transparently (as much as I am coming to despise that term). Let's say honestly instead of transparently. It is in learning about the challenges the people with a business face, and in working collaboratively to find solutions that lighten those loads. It is in seeking success that we grow both of our businesses.

So where did I go wrong with this client? I undervalued the complexity and specificity of the solution they were looking to build. I undervalued the expertise and resource they would require of me and my team to reach - and to exceed - those goals. I treated them like a favor for a friend, and they deserved to be treated better than that. They deserved to be treated with the same dedication I give all my "real" clients - clients who, I am blessed to say, often become very important to me as people above and beyond their importance as business clients.

I wish this former client nothing but the very best - and I am grateful for the lessons taught by her courage to kick my small company to the curb. While our dismissal hurts my business, it helps us do business better as we grow.

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