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Basketball Evaluations

Bill Quell - Saturday, October 20, 2012
This morning I am at the local Boys & Girls Club with two of my sons for basketball evaluations, and it reminds me that partnering with businesses is very similar to what we are doing here this morning.

There are a huge number of kids broken into smaller groups. Each group is evaluated on specific skills, then the kids rotate to another station to be evaluated on that skill. For instance, my son's group just went through the "defense" station, which I would liken to a competitive analysis.

Next station is layups...which to me feels like identifying the low-hanging fruit a business has available to create their USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

After that, they work on dribbling (processes that move the business/team forward), and so on until there has been a complete assessment of skills and resources.

It's a fun process. The kids enjoy it, the coaches enjoy it, and the league thrives when everyone participates.

It's that way in business and marketing, too: when we evaluate the skills of the team, when we take stock of the skills each player has, we can create a champion.

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